Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Weapons Formed Against Me: The Woman Who Walked Through Hell
From a very young age, author Mary Ross endured a childhood of horrific abuse at the hands of a woman she believed to be her mother. The damage inflicted on her would travel with her for the rest of her life-and yet, in spite of it, she has managed to overcome the trauma of her youth.
In this memoir, she shares her personal history of being raised by a violent woman with severe mental illness and receiving little help or support from anyone. Abused mentally and physically, Mary was raised to think of “Hon” as her mother, only to find out at twelve that this was not true-that she actually had an entire biological family living just across town. Even so, she was left isolated and alone. As she grew older, she struggled first to survive and then to find some measure of personal power. Her past made her path to adulthood a rocky one, full of cruelty and betrayal, but eventually she discovered the strength to stand on her own.
Full of twists and turns, Weapons Formed Against Me tells one woman's story of abuse, broken self-esteem, and triumph over adversity.

We are Children of the Universe to live in Love.
Go here to understand what people in this World go though, then say God Bless to those who LOVE YOU.


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