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THE BOOK, " Hippiebanker is a 12-week guide about learning how to become a "spiritual activist" PEACE EVERYONE, LET'S LISTEN !!!

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Throughout her career, Camille has always believed in bringing peace, love and spirituality to the workplace and in the universal truth that we are all one. She’s on a mission to bring that mindset to everyone she meets, both personally and professionally.

Camille’s philosophy of continuously pushing aside fear and instead leading through love, while infusing spirituality into all her meetings and daily coaching sessions, has won her several awards in profitability, and contributed to uplifting customer, employee and coworker experiences throughout her career as a banker and branch manager. Camille can’t help but bring what she calls her “hippie-dippie nature” to work with her each day. Many of her coworkers and peers have been treated to angel card readings, learned to see their own aura, and have started their days with the intention to “put it out in the Universe.”

CAMILLE’S BOOK - Hippiebanker is a 12-week guide about learning how to become a "spiritual activist" by incorporating spirituality into the workplace, written for working men and women who might be feeling stuck and wanting to feel fulfilled in their careers. Over a 12-week period the reader is given tips and hand-on daily practices that will increase positive interactions with coworkers, employees and customers. These practices include connecting, eye contact body language and journaling. Lightly touching on the spirituality taught in "A Course in Miracles" and the works of such authors as Gabrielle Bernstein and Marianne Williamson, this book introduces some basic popular spirituality concepts and encourages readers to investigate further into the concepts of love, fear and consciousness, while inspiring confidence in living with a higher purpose.

Although Camille will forever be a “flower child” from New York at heart, she now resides in Orlando, Florida where she is close to her two greatest achievements: her daughters Arianna and Carissa.
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