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  GRAY L. WIMMER  -  Bio
The nuts and bolts of Gary L. Wimmer: Born in New Jersey. Third of seven sons. Grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. Began playing lead guitar in 1963 and soon in bands with the great Gary Morris and the late Jerry Lynn Williams. Joined the counter-culture in the mid-60's at Texas Tech and became interested in spirituality and psychic phenomena. Escaped Lubbock with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Moved to Austin in 1970. Learned to give psychic readings. Soon hit the road with different bands. Worked as a lead guitarist, singer and songwriter, later as a pianist and keyboard player in every format from soloist to large bands. Lived in Copenhagen, Denmark from 1993-1999, and performed as a solo guitarist on cruise ships and in clubs throughout Northern Europe. Back in Austin since 2000, playing music, writing books and screenplays, acting, working in films, and giving readings using Lithomancy, the psychic art of reading stones. Wrote a book on the subject, and recently wrote A Second in Eternity, the true story about an intense but enlightening 'near-death, out-of-body' experience I had in 1977 that still empowers and inspires me to this day. In a nutshell, finding Light everywhere and loving each day more than the day before! 
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