Tuesday, September 8, 2015


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Rob Gauthier

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Our goal is to bring you the information and reflection that you desire. Reminder that with all guidance, the first priority is your own hearts knowing.  No guide outside is ever a apt substitute for your own heart and integrity. All power and direction comes from within. Knowing the struggles that can occur in life, we often block so much of our own guidance. E.T. Whisperer is a unique way to re-integrate this system of internal guidance. What we do is connect to your higher self/Oversoul in a very unique way. TReb (an entity from my Oversoul) connects personally to your energy grid system and your Oversoul/guides to reflect information that can be useful in your regaining the strength you already have.  Why is this so unique ? We see a million channelers doing this all of the time ? Well TReb does this slightly different way. Most entities connect directly to your Akashic Records. Although there is nothing wrong with this, many of the Akashic Styles of readings explain that you have a path to follow, a souls purpose. TReb would suggest that although this can be accurate, that this often doesn't take in account the "Free Will" aspect of your soul. When connecting directly to you and your higher-self,  this allows a wonderful stream of probabilities. These probibilities are just this, and the only things that link you to each is the fact that your free will alone will truly decide what and how you will live your life. No choice or decision is wrong. Treb may also bring in other entities, guides, or your entire Oversoul to help show you more personal and intimate reflections if you desire.


In assisting you in doing this, there are many new services we are offering. This new system allows all people from all walks of life, and all vibrations of abundance to have the opportunity to connect to these reflections. We are now making free, donation, and paid sessions available for all. We have a sliding scale for what each can afford and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. It is always suggested that you go to youtube.com  where many videos are available for those of you who truly wish to dig through the hundreds of hours of FREE material to find the answers that you are looking for. This can help you find most things that Treb has already answered. Also if are new to Trebchanneling experience it will help you get a feel for what kind of help and we can offer. 

GO HERE:  http://www.trebchanneling.com

 SEE THE CHANNELING :   https://youtu.be/fAjHeH-tJfI

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