Meet Victoria

‘Victoria is a tuning fork tuned to the key of Oneness.”

Victoria is a mystic and spiritual teacher who radiantly embodies the qualities of the Self-realized heart as pure emanation of presence. The subtle yet powerful transmission that comes through her has been likened to a “tuning fork, tuned to the key of Oneness”.
Her professional life began early, as a ballet dancer performing with the NYC Ballet, NYC Opera and the Joffrey Ballet companies. In 1973, she left her performing career to become a Transcendental Meditation Teacher and has been immersed ever since as a life-long student and teacher of spiritual and mystical transformation through ever-evolving forms of meditation, yoga and wisdom teachings as the vehicle for ‘conscious embodiment’.
Her diverse background spans multiple careers; a performer, ballet teacher, meditation teacher and yoga instructor – a mother, a businesswoman and an information technologies consultant specializing in systems development and management. Each experience brought with it a new venue to fulfill an unfailing commitment to the inner journey of Self-Discovery. She left the corporate world in early 2000 to devote her time and energies fully to her dharmic commitment of furthering personal and global awakening as a spiritual teacher and transformational mentor.
An initiate in several eastern and western esoteric traditions, ordained as both a Buddhist Monk and CoreLight Minister, her awakening in this life came when she realized that what she had learned or been taught, while absolutely critical, had taken her as far as it could.
“I found myself imploring — but what is it that I truly know? As I dug deeply into the depths of my soul, a doorway opened and a world of beliefs and concepts began to fall away. I was soon jettisoned beyond anything that can be learned or taught; to true knowing, the unfathomable intelligence, immeasurable love and sacred wisdom that lies within. Of course it had been there all along, simply waiting to be recognized. This is the Truth that resides at the core of each and every one of us—and beckons each of us to re-discover our own God Self—the divinity that is at the core of All. The teachings are essential and wonderful guideposts, but ultimately our own soul is the true guide, our inner essence the true wisdom.”
Victoria is now a much sought after Spiritual Teacher and Mentor who specializes in guiding others to find within themselves, their own innate cosmic wisdom and expanded consciousness.
Her gift is the ability to ignite powerful transformation in others. Through her intimate understanding of human consciousness and how it configures uniquely in each individual, she precisely intuits the pieces that bind her students, and directs them to greater clarity on their journey of realizing the Self. She lifts them out of their current level of consciousness and helps them realign and establish into a new and more refined state of being.
The classes, meditations, private sessions and retreats she offers through Emanatiion of Presence, are always delivered with a luminous grace, depth of awareness and lightness of presence. Her passion and goal is to share the practical, yet profound, mystical/spiritual wisdom she has realized throughout this and other lifetimes, with as broad an audience as possible in support of the magnificent planetary ascension in consciousness we are now witnessing.