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10 /27

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Taking the universal nudge

A new age thought leader who has been running her own Career development and mind-set consultancy for over 10 years, working with both individuals and corporates. She is a deep empath, highly spiritual and intuitive.

Meera has a wealth of experience in finance and leading large IT, Business and Cultural transformation programmes for global banks at board level for over 15 years. Companies include Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, RBS, Metro Bank, Santander, HSBC, Barclays and Lloyds.

The last 10 years of her life have been dedicated to self-development, spiritual development, and self-enquiry. She has had the privilege of working with global masters, global teachers and spending time in retreats in energy centers around the world. Meera has the unique blend of corporate experience and spiritual depth – and how to embed them in a practical way into your daily life and business to create a life of passion, success and meaning.

In 2020, she expanded her business to create empowered mind-sets, support successful businesses and deliver abundance programs. Meera is a thought-provoking and humorous enlightened speaker, educator, trainer, coach, consultant and spiritual expert. 

She has a love for nature, sunsets and good champagne!

 In 2020, I couldn’t find a new contract. Like many job seekers, frightened and anxious, I was using LinkedIn, recruitment agents, direct applications, my network, and every means I could think of. I was having several discussions but enter the pandemic - and everything went on hold. The universe was truly pushing me into my soul purpose. So I decided to take the bold leap and put my heart and soul into something I was really passionate about - helping others to step into their true desires. It has literally been one of the best decisions I have made! 

 Integrating different parts of your life. I always felt that I had two parallel lives, a work life and a spiritual life. It was a really unhappy and lonely place to be. I have finally managed to integrate the two, and I can see the amount of freedom, joy and peace it brings me. I want to help people feel the same – especially after what 2020 has shown us!

The Big Step

Setting up a business. It always surprises me how small people dream. I want people to dream big and know they are worthy of achieving anything. I especially cover the money and financial aspect of it. I also cover other key aspects of setting up and running a business – asking the important why question, defining your niche, testing, marketing, PR, collaborations and eventually scaling.

Being Myself

Self-worth and Confidence. Despite working in banking and heading up large global teams – I was always shy, lacked confidence and couldn’t speak up for myself. This was a really uncomfortable and often lonely place to be. It took me a long journey of self-discovery, self- acceptance and self-love to finally have the courage to speak up, be visible and be me! I want to empower other people to be visible, have a voice and have self-worth too.


Success Stories

ED, Senior Manager, Change Delivery, Barclays

I highly recommend Meera to everyone.  Meera gives really great advice and you can start using her tools immediately.I enjoyed particularly learning from Meera’s experience, enthusiasm and positive thinking which inspire you. Meera’s strength is to help you to reach a healthier inner state and show more confidence in everything you do. Thank you Meera!

EC, Barclays Manager, Corporate Banking

Thanks for helping me to realise my deep down fears that I didn’t even know it played such a big part in my life. It was a transformation taking things from my head to my heart, thanks for guiding me to the right direction

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