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October 7th
Dr Randall George Nozawa
His New Show
"Be The Change"
His Guest
Christy Salters Martin


Born a Coal Miner’s Daughter, Christy was raised in a small town in southern West Virginia she began playing sports early with her love for competition evident at Concord College where she played basketball while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. During college she entered a Toughman/Toughwoman contest, and became hooked on boxing, thus starting what would be a life long journey.

In 1993, Christy signed a promotional contract with world renowned boxing promoter Don King. She started boxing on some of the biggest pay-per-view cards in the sport, headlined by Hall of Famers Mike Tyson, Julio Caesar Chavez, Felix Trinadad and Evander Holyfield. An exciting and bloody victory on the undercard of the heavyweight championship bout between Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno landed her on the cover of Sports Illustrated (April 15, 1996). Christy’s fame skyrocketed, leading her to appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, an episode on the Roseanne sitcom along with many other high-profile shows on the television show circuit. 


Over the next eight years Christy fought in some of boxing’s most famous arenas, including Madison Square Garden and Caesars Palace. Places that had not previously hosted women boxing. One of her greatest honors came in 1996 when one her training sessions was opened to the public and held in the heart of Time Square, closing the famous Manhattan landmark to a delighted and packed adoring New York City crowd. Christy was also the Grand Marshall for The International Boxing Hall of Fame induction weekend in 1996 and a repeated guest for the next several years.

The entire time Christy enjoyed her own success, she owned and supported a boxing gym in Orlando and then moved the gym to Apopka, Fl. She was named the Florida Coach for the Golden Gloves team that traveled to compete in the national tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah 2008.

In November of 2010, Christy was a victim of a severe domestic violence attack in which she was stabbed repeatedly, shot and left for dead by her then husband, Jim Martin who is now serving 25 years in prison. The attack also ended three years of an addiction to cocaine, which she had turned to during her bouts with depression in order to endure the years of physical and mental abuse she had been privately dealing with during her marriage. She has turned much of her focus to speaking out against domestic violence and trying to help victims and survivors regain their life confidence.

She concluded her career in 2012 with an impressive 49 victories, two WBC World Championships and was named WBC Emeritus Champion. Christy is considered a legend by boxing pundits and publications for both her skills inside the ring and the gender barriers she broke during her career. Christy was the first female boxer to be inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, she was also included in the first class of fighters inducted into the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame and in 2018 will be included in the class being inducted into the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame as well as The National Boxing Hall of Fame. 2019 Christy will be inducted into the Carolina’s Legends HOF. 2020 brought one of the highest honors bestowed on a professional boxer, Christy was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in the first class that would include female fighters.

Pink Promotions, Inc was established so Christy could stay connected to boxing as a promoter. She has pledged to use her vast knowledge gained from her career to assist up and coming fighters to get to the championship level. North Carolina boxing fans recognized Christy as the promoter of the year for 2017. Christy Martin Promotions replaced Pink Promotions, Inc for 2018 to start what will be a long and exciting display of championship quality boxing. Christy Martin Promotions was once again named promoter of the year for NC for 2018, also being named promoter of the event of the year for the Feb 23 event in Charlotte. Christy Martin Promotions has expanded to Florida and South Carolina for promotions.

Christy’s Champs is a non-profit that will assist victims and survivors of domestic violence. Recently, Christy’s Champs joined forces with Turning Point Domestic Violence Center and Shelter to provide a program that will help the children of victims and survivors, as well as survivors themselves. The program will consist of boxing, MMA and life training with emphasis on life training. The same program is gaining ground in Harnett Co, NC with Mark Hornsby as the lead. Computers have been donated by Christy’s Champs to the gym to assist the kids with their school work.

Christy’s life story has been written into a major motion picture with screen writer Katherine Fugate. Amy Schumer has shown interest in portraying Christy on the big screen. The movie will focus on the barriers broken, the rise and stardom of the women’s boxing legend while simultaneously depicting Christy’s personal fall and life struggles in and out of the ring. Netflix and 48 Hours are both preparing a documentary for release late 2020 or early 2021.

Dr Randall George Nozawa

A Look at Our World through the 

Heart of Dr. Randall
What About the Doctor 

The Doctor was Blinded after two tragedies,

Nozawas will to live a full life continues undeterred

The Doctor is living proof that a person can do everything right only to suffer horrific events that

stymied decades of hard work and left him blind. The two most gruesome tragedies he suffered would make the fire-breathing Godzilla buckle in bitterness. Not Nozawa. He’s grateful just to be alive.

Japanese, Nozawa had played high school football in Honolulu and later became a professional body builder. When he moved to Washington, the muscle-bound Nozawa enrolled at the University of Washington’s dental school, studied hard and faithfully graduated. Yet years later, after opening a handful of dental clinics, when he could finally afford the lifestyle he had always wanted, a tree came crashing down and foiled all his best-laid plans.

It was the first of two tragic events that would change his life forever.

During his resultant and prolonged stay in the hospital, and as he took a year to learn to walk again, his wife Debra Nozawa hired temporary dentists to keep the clinics open. Yet when the businesses performed poorly under the temporary staff’s care, family finances plummeted and with all of his medical bills accumulating, Nozawa felt he needed to return to work.

That’s when Nozawa realized he could not perform his dental duties to the high standard that he was accustomed. Even with assistive devices for the seeing impaired, he felt his dentistry skills were now sub-standard and that’s why he closed his clinics.

But you'd probably think to yourself " Man that guy has been through it all "

But Nope here's the Number 2 Opportunity

Caught in the middle of the couple’s domestic violence incident one fateful night, John William Branden first shot his wife, Turid Lee Bentley, dead then shot Nozawa in the head from 12 inches away before finally shooting himself. The crime shocked the community of Gig Harbor where it occurred, and received its due amount of attention in area newspapers. Looking back on it, Nozawa said that getting shot feels like thumping your forehead with the heel of your hand – it does not hurt. He did not yet know that the bullet had shattered and bore a hole through his palate, destroying molars, nearly severing his tongue, and destroying his only eye. All he knew was that he could not see and he was bleeding.

Missing both eyes, Nozawa has had to get used to moving about indoors and out. Shortly after the shooting and recovery, he realized that he desperately needed help learning to navigate so he signed up for Washington State’s Department of Services for the Blind.

At blind school, Nozawa stayed in an apartment offered through the Orientation and Training Center, in South Seattle. There he learned how to maneuver with a cane, how to find addresses, cross the street safely and navigate a kitchen, among other things.

These days Nozawa has global plans for his business, Transformational Kaizen Institute for Personal Freedom.
( ) Indeed, he works by phone and offers advisement over the Internet to clients from all around the world. He advises businesses in employee development and retention, in meeting long-term goals and in growth.

My signature program is a nine-step success blueprint that I have named Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity (TAIO),” Nozawa said. “This is the success formula that I use with small and large businesses alike, for those who want to become entrepreneurs and for those who want to succeed in personal growth.”

Regarding his home life, Nozawa is just grateful that his family has stuck by him. “My wife Debra had to do a lot after I was in the car wreck and again after getting shot,” he said. “We went from awfully rich to rock-bottom penniless and almost homeless.”

Debra Nozawa now owns The Ruston Chapel, for weddings and social events. She is also the executive manager of Picasso Catering in Tacoma.

Dreams do really come true, but you have to believe it before you can see it,” he said. He has made his own dreams come true by helping others pursue their life aspirations. In his free, 14-page book “Precipice of Potential,” which can be downloaded from his website at, Nozawa asks provocative questions to help readers examine their own lives more closely like “What do you do that fills you with joy and excitement?” When is the last time that you gave, something, anything, freely without expecting anything in return?” “What did you do with your last 20 dollars?” Certainly food for thought.
Folks who want more information may e-mail the doctor at

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