Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Dr Randall George Nozawa and Roger Barr about:How homeopathy works

Dr Randall George Nozawa & Guest ROGER BARR
Pyramid One World Radio Network

What About Roger:
has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. He was an
army brat and as such subjected to military medicine. As a result of
high dose tetracycline for acne developed Candidiasis which caused
severe depression. When allopathy had no answers, his search for healing
took him on a journey into nutrition, alternative medicine and energy
medicine in particular. When he was led to Vipassana meditation and
homeopathy, he had found his cure and calling. He has studied homeopathy
with many different teachers since 1991. Its a life-long learning
process. He now practices online and in-person from his home in Mexico.

Dr Nozawa says:
do really come true, but you have to believe it before you can see it,” he
said. He has made his own dreams come true by helping others pursue their life
aspirations. In his free, 14-page book “Precipice of Potential,” which can be
downloaded from his website at, Nozawa
asks provocative questions to help readers examine their own lives more closely
like “What do you do that fills you with joy and excitement?”
is the last time that you gave, something, anything, freely without expecting
anything in return?” “What did you do with your last 20 dollars?” Certainly
food for thought.

Folks who want more information may e-mail the
doctor at

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