About Scott Smith

Scott Smith is an energy worker, alchemist, master of the Core of Being, and modern day mystic.  In service to the Light, he shares his intuitive spiritual guidance and techniques for purification and healing.  Scott studied various sacred practices to enhance his ability to serve humanity through his gifts and talents.  Scott’s studies have taken him on a mystical journey through many world religions including Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism, the Lakota tradition, Buddhism, and Quantum Physics.  Working with Divine Love, Divine Peace, and other transformational energies, he has combined the core energetic elements common to these traditions, simplifying and unifying them into techniques for physical healing, emotional cleansing, mental focus, spiritual expansion, and deep inner peace.

His latest technique, Life Pattern Reprogramming™ (LPR™), is proving to be very helpful to people.  It allows a person to choose how various aspects of their life will manifest.  By participating in a series of simple guided processes, they reprogram themselves to allow these changes by dissolving the old patterns and habits, and also creating the propensity for the new way of being to unfold.

Currently based in the Chicago area, he assists others via individual phone and Skype sessions, webinars, and workshops.  During workshops, he shares and teaches simple methods to raise your vibrational rate and advance you along your path, and also makes himself available for individual, in-person, intensive sessions.

Scott does not believe in titles.  If you need his, it is Rev Scott Smith, DD, SSC