Elyce has been transmitting the love and light of the Divine for more than 10 years, providing thousands of hours of wisdom coaching and healing.  She is a Certified Life and Career Coach and is licensed by the Spiritual Healers Licensing Board and the Association of Christian Spiritual Healers. She has written two books about her journey to find her higher purpose and the how-to’s of the healing process.  They are “The Me I Couldn’t See – Authenticity” and “The Yeshua Prescription”.
Elyce’s work catalyzes people into Awareness, Awakening & Action.  She skillfully uses coaching practices and spiritual energy transmissions to create the field for the process of transformation, and then carefully lights the way for you to find your unique path.
After a massive head injury which caused her to die and come back, she was given unique gifts and her life purpose was revealed.  She is here to help people find their AUTHENTIC DIVINE BLUEPRINT, and to assist them to live it. “The Me I Couldn’t See” is her name for this divine blueprint that eludes us until we are awakened to it.
Elyce has travelled to many sacred sites around the world, working with Spiritual Masters of many disciplines.  She is connected and grounded to the Earth (nature), and is open to all faiths and belief systems.  She conducts Sacred Tours for groups of six or more anywhere in the world by special arrangement. She is not here to bring separation, but oneness.
She will guide anyone who wants to learn how to transform their deepest fears and live a magical existence.
Elyce’s Unique Gifts:
  • Genetic Mapping & Consultations for Living your Divine Blueprint
  • Helping loved ones who have passed to cross into the Light.
  • Clearing Trauma & Heartbreak (the root of all disease)
  • Bringing Clarity & Understanding from a higher perspective
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