Friday, November 18, 2016

Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared!

Pyramid One Radio and Owner Bob Charles are doing our best to inform people the Food They and Their Children are eating is slowly killing them.
Sunday on "What is on your Mind" Bob Charles will be talking Telephone Calls from people who want to talk about the Poison "ROUND-UP" That is Currectly in every Food you Eat..
The Telephone to call is 1-843-300-1399 the LInk to listen to the Show is

The Show Begins at 3 PM ES
New York Time on Sunday

Get into the show and tell Bob Charles if you care about the Death Sentence you now have been given, or do you want to do aomething to STOP GMO FOODS !

Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared!.

To all my listeners that have heard me warn about this for the last 6 Years
Please read and comment so I know there's some working Brains out there
And P.S. Here is some more info that has been in the News and Internet for years
have you seen it and read it ??

The Most Popular & Controversial Posts Are Under The INVESTIGATIONS Tab. Here Are Some Favorites:

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“How To Choose The Healthiest Chicken For You & Your Family”
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“Beware Of This Head Fake: Healthy Cereal That Isn’t.”
“You Won’t Believe What’s In Your Yogurt – And It’s Not On The Label!”

Restaurant Chain Investigations:

Understanding Confusing Food Labels & Marketing Claims:

“The #1 Reason You Must Read Ingredient Lists: The FDA Admits They Can’t Do Their Job”
“The Shocking Difference Between Organic & Non-GMO Labels – It’s Huge!”
“Trying To Avoid Gluten? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes!”
“The Weight Loss Secret The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know”
“Chemical Warfare with ‘Natural Flavors’”
“100% Natural Products Can Be Chock Full of GMOs”

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