A touch of the heart to light one's way
A touch of the heart to light one’s way

Dr. Jeanette offers wellness/personal advocate/consulting services to provide you with a sounding board about your current health situation and help you formulate solutions that will lead to a more vibrant, higher quality of life. Her professional biography can be found here with additional information on her two other websites: www.drjeanettegallagher.com and www.outoftheboxhealthcare.com. Here is a brief story about Dr. Jeanette and why she provides personalized healthcare advocate services through My Personal Advocate 2.

Today, as a personal healthcare advocate, I offer my hand, my heart and my compassion for those who are in need and just for the asking, ……………. Just ask.  Schedule your ‘Bend My Ear’ session today.  We talk, you share, I listen and see if my help is perfect for you at this time.