Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This Week on Beyond Healing International Radio on the Pyramid One Network CALL IN TO SPEAK TO JUDY AT 1-843-300-1399

Energy Transmissions 
  for New Life in the Body

This Week on Beyond Healing International Radio 
on the Pyramid One Network

The Power of Surrender

What happens when we let go and let God.
Ask your questions of Spirit during this live call. 

Instructions for Listening and Asking Questions on the Show

To Listen Through the Internet:

Listen with Your Mobile Phone: Click on Channel One link above and scroll down the page to where it says: Choose your phone to listen in.

To Ask a Question: If you have a question, use this number to call in at least
10 minutes after the show begins:

1-843-300-1399. This is NOT a number to use to listen in. 

You can also use Skype pyramidone1111 if you are outside the United States to call in to ask a question. Do not message a question in Skype though.

SAVE THE DATE - Thursday, July 9

FREE Mary Magdalene Questions & Answers Session
with Judy Satori

on Your Wealth Revolution Network with Darius Barazandeah

Tune in to hear the questions and answers for Mary Magdalene. When you listen to other's questions you are also supported on your own life journey.

More Information to Come

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